How To Avoid Resistance

Mar 2, 2021


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A key attribute, extremely important to consider and implement, of any productivity system is that of reducing resistance to the lowest possible level.

The path to effective Output Productivity must be easy to follow, honed and lubricated. And, most importantly, an enjoyable and rewarding process. Because if you make it hard on yourself, you make it less likely that you will achieve your goals.

Consider the likes of Henry Ford for example. Ford had a vision to produce cars for the masses and set up systems to take raw materials into his factories and have as many affordable cars as possible rolling off the production line on a daily basis. Any part of this process which reduce the number of cars which could be produced, or create a difficulty or frustration was carefully analysed and the process is amended accordingly. He ended up with systems which operated smoothly and efficiently.

Once the work was done, and the system is refined as far as they possibly could be, his giant ‘factory machine’ changed the world forever. The systems and process enhancements allowed Ford to offer vehicles at a hitherto impossibly cheap price. At a stroke he removed the artisan, built by hand nature of motoring.

It’s well worth thinking about this when considering things which you find difficult or complicated but which are worth pursuing to achieve your goals.

If it feels like your efforts are a chore and uninspiring, how likely are you to persist with them? Even if you are chasing an extremely valuable goal. Time spent considering how to reduce resistance to achieving that goal is a very good investment indeed.

Conversely, of course, you should also take time to review whether the value of your objectives and Personal Reward are worth the effort. If you have reduced resistance to its lowest possible level, and yet it is still excessive, then perhaps your objectives should be reconsidered in a context of your values and ambitions? If they are misaligned then no amount of work towards reducing resistance will seem worth the effort to you.

And, perhaps, an urgent What’s The Point? exercise could be undertaken to determine whether pushing through the resistance is worthwhile.

In the event that you do consider it worthwhile, you can keep yourself on track with a positive process of Habit Building and Value Reinforcement.

Don’t think for one minute that Henry Ford ever stopped refining his processes to make them more and more efficient. Nor did he ever stop moving towards better and more profitable designs for the output he was looking to achieve.

Don’t find fault, find a remedy.




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