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OK, let’s clear this up early. You’re not going to find much ‘corporate-speak’ here.

And we’re not really a ‘mission statement’ sort of outfit. But if it was crucial to you that we have one, then how does this sound?

To make every client feel like telling someone else how good we are, without being asked.

Will that do? Great, let’s move on then…

We're A Small & Friendly Web Design Studio Based On Anglesey, North Wales

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So, we’re a web design and online marketing studio based on Anglesey, North Wales. But we work with people all over the world.

We started up in early ’09 with a couple of local clients, and our clientèle now stretches from Australia to California.

Our growth is based on just word of mouth and reputation – so if you’re looking to sell us some ad space you may as well stop reading now! Our clients seem to recommend us to new ones quite a lot.


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This is our own site so it’s no place for false modesty…

…if you have a venture to promote online, a brief & informal chat with us will be time well spent.




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30 years of graft and experience.
Obsessive about the quality of our work.


Takes care of ‘business’. Runs the team.


Formally trained in fine art.
Loves colour.

How We Work

what to expect from us...

We can’t really outline work processes in detail until we meet you and learn about your venture, and how you’d like us to fit in with you.

But we always work hard to be unobtrusive yet easy to collaborate with. We’re usually a good fit because we’re flexible and conscientious.

Our clients are carefully hand-picked, very nice people and fun to work with. And we’ll always do our very best to make nice people happy! – Oh, perhaps there’s a back-up ‘Mission Statement’ forming here?


what to expect from us...

So now we’ve got our foot in your door, here are some goodies from our battered samples case:

How Much Do We Charge?

Well, that depends...

It always “depends”, doesn’t it?

We price our estimates like this:

  • We’ll tell you as accurately as possible how long the work will take.
  • We’ll send you our full rate card so you can see where it fits in.
  • This covers everything from emergency “drop-everything and do it right now” type of work, up to long term projects.
  • We’ll do the maths to set a budget – and you can see our workings and check our figures!
  • We’ll also send you a full analysis of the current rates of around 400 of our competitors.
  • So you can see how we fit in and whether we’re competitive.

I’ve been told this approach will cripple our profitability if we can’t squeeze every drop of blood out of your particular stone.

But I believe that the sort of people we like to work with will value our honesty. And hopefully they’ll also feel that this attitude and approach will make the experience of working with us a good one.

Read more about our policy here

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So that’s about it – if we sound a little too ‘informal’ for you perhaps we’re not your best choice.

However, on the plus side: we never answer the phone with a recording asking you to pick a number!

01407 812 968

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Gwynt y Mor, Llanfaelog

Ty Croes, Anglesey, LL63 5SY.

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