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Management Consultants?
No thanks!

Allow me to explain, with my ‘elevator pitch’ …

DavidHello, I’m David Griffiths; I help small ventures make more profit by being ultra-efficient!

I’ve been in business for over 40 years. I’m a specialist in creating practical business systems for profitability.

I don’t support businesses in anything like “traditional management consultant” sense. No telling you how to run things, collecting a fat cheque and leaving you to it!

And I never address your core products or services. You’re the expert in those matters – not me!

My objectives are simple, clear cut and always quantifiable. I can streamline your business support processes; end to end – from marketing to back office admin. Any part, or all. Whatever you think might be helpful.

My focus is on creating the time and resources you need to concentrate on building and running your business with the highest possible efficiency; leveraging proven tools and techniques.

I use a 3 phase approach:

  • Research and assessment of your processes: spending time with you to understand where your systems have bottlenecks and are distracting or frustrating you.
  • Planning your refinements: showing you practical ways to streamline things. Always in a manner consistent with your own approach, budget and ethos. In other words fitting in with how you work already, often with contemporary tools and methods which you may not have previously considered.
  • Implementation & measurement: helping you gradually work in new ways of doing things, and agreeing how we’ll measure the outcomes.

I provide solutions which often answer questions that Clients didn’t even realise they needed to ask!

My network of associated businesses and specialists are all brought into play as required, but you will only ever deal personally with myself. So my time is very carefully rationed and I can only work with ventures whose approach is aligned strategically with ours.


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And don't worry, I don't do "hard sell". Ever!