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A mental martial art of effortless and smooth practicality in life and work, blending contemporary tools with proven time-served, productivity techniques.

D Griffiths (2020). Made Up Definitions [online]
Available at: https://djisystems.com/notes/

Quit ‘Busywork’ And Start Productive Work Instead

Quit ‘Busywork’ And Start Productive Work Instead

That familiar feeling of not having enough hours in the day because you are just “so busy” all the time may well be masking the fact that you are actually procrastinating on your most important objectives …

Output Productivity

Output Productivity

I use this term as a catch-all, phrase to denote anything that is produced as a result of ‘Pragmatics’. You’ll need it to achieve tangible stuff …

Pragmatic Productivity & Creativity

Pragmatic Productivity & Creativity

Combining two productivity philosophies can be effective in gaining balance and mental calm with huge output. That’s what I’ve badged (just for ease of reference) as “Pragmatics” …


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