Pragmatics: A Handbook for Life & Work


Well, since you’ve delved past my Pragmatics intro blurb, let me spell out what I’m on about in a little more detail:

  • A carefully curated box of building blocks: concise productivity, motivation, time-management, habits and philosophical concepts and frameworks
  • Distilled over 40 years of practical implementation and refinement
  • Connecting and combining time-served, artisan and proven thinking from the greatest minds
  • Ready for self-assembly; to fit your life goals and enjoy smooth, calm progress to your own version of success
  • Presented for you to dip-in, combine and leverage
  • Illustrated with practical examples and applications

It’s NOT a blueprint or roadmap – those can only take you to one outcome, and then only as long as you follow them precisely.

Many people with an interest in improving their personal and professional productivity have strident opinions on countless ‘productivity’ methods, how to manage time, what applications to use, how to define various concepts and workflows. It’s a colossal subject.

And if you have just one simple question along the lines of:

How can I improve my productivity?

Exploring the answer to that question will produce a bewildering array of confusing, and in some cases, contradictory advice.

So why should I listen to you, then?” ought to be your next, extremely reasonable question.

I have 3 very simple answers:

  1. I have successfully used every single concept and framework which I’ll share with you to engineer my own lifestyle of contentment and self-determination. Don’t panic, though, I won’t be bombarding you with photographs of me leaning on my (probably rented) Lamborghini!
  2. Unlike many ‘lifestyle gurus’ I offer the unique wisdom of advancing years. I’m not revealing my age, other than to say that my business career extends beyond 4 decades.
  3. The last 3 decades of which, put me at the forefront of the digital age. So I’ve a granular knowledge of the very latest IT, with a pragmatism born of maturity and experience.

So, a relatively rare set of attributes, backed up by being able to demonstrate the effectiveness of my own approach. I have absolutely no interest in selling you on any of the concepts, techniques, applications, frameworks discussed in my work. I simply offer my own circumstances as evidence of their effectiveness, and show you in detail how they work for me.

These notes may well be significantly revised on a regular basis as they’re clearly influenced by emerging technologies. So I would urge you to enjoy them in a digital format for regular updates, and perhaps follow my other platforms for my contemporary work.


Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

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