Pragmatics Notes

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A mental martial art of effortless and smooth practicality in life and work, blending contemporary tools with proven time-served, productivity techniques.

D Griffiths (2020). Made Up Definitions [online]
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Maximize Every Moment of Your Day

Maximize Every Moment of Your Day

One of the most persistent myths — so ingrained that it can be how people conceive of productivity itself — is the idea that working well is about maximising every waking moment …

Output Productivity

Output Productivity

I use this term as a catch-all, phrase to denote anything that is produced as a result of ‘Pragmatics’. You’ll need it to achieve tangible stuff …

Pragmatic Productivity & Creativity

Pragmatic Productivity & Creativity

Combining two productivity philosophies can be effective in gaining balance and mental calm with huge output. That’s what I’ve badged (just for ease of reference) as “Pragmatics” …


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