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Let’s talk about the people you serve, whether you call them customers, clients, students, members, etc. But I’m going to use the word customer just to keep things simple.

So, what is this all about?

Well, a customer experience system is your strategy for managing the whole journey of your customer’s interaction with your business. It’s about how they feel from when they first hear about you to making a purchase and even beyond.

Why should you care about that?

A positive customer experience isn’t just nice to have; it’s crucial for your business growth. When customer have a great experience with your business, they’re more likely to come back or refer you to others.

Let’s put yourself in your customers’ shoes.

Understand their journey, anticipate their needs, and ensure that every interaction they have with your business leaves a positive impression. Focus on clear and consistent customer communication. Keep them in the loop about what they can expect and when.

That might look like sending a welcome packet to new customer. Or a fulfilment email that lets new customers know how to download their digital product. Or an onboarding sequence for new students.

And be open to feedback. Listening and acting on your customers’ opinions not only helps you improve but also shows them that you value their input. You can set up a formal feedback form using something like Google Forms, or you can just ask people to reply to an email. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Remember creating a memorable customer experience is all about going that extra mile.

Another critical system for any business, whether products or services, is a customer support system.

So what is a customer support system? Well, it’s essentially a game plan for helping your customers when they run into issues or have questions.

It’s how you provide service and assistance to your customers before, during, and after they buy and use your products and services.

So why is that so important? Well, picture this you’ve attracted a customer. They’ve made a purchase. But then they encounter a problem. A solid customer support system is your safety net. It helps resolve the issue, keeps them happy, and builds trust in your business. Ultimately, it’s your key to future sales and customer retention.

So, how do you set up an effective customer support system?

First of all, be accessible. Make it easy for your customers to reach you? This could be via email, a contact form, live chat, or even social media. Have more than one way for people to reach you.

Aim for VERY quick response times. The faster you can address somebody’s concern, the better. Remember, time is of the essence when it comes to solving problems.

Whether you need to have a system to respond 24 /7 depends on the nature of the services you offer. Online businesses tend to need to be responsive at all times. Whereas a physical business can reasonably be available during business hours only. Which ever system your implement it is crucial that you make it very clear to customers what they can expect from you.

Also, it is essential to implement a knowledge-base or FAQ section on your website. This is a great customer service solution because it allows them to find answers on their own, which can save both you and them a lot of time.

That can be especially helpful for those times that are outside of your office hours. They can get the help that they need even when you’re not available.

Never forget that a good customer support system is all about making your customers feel valued.



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