Who Can Pragmatics Help?


I suppose the TL;DR answer will be:

Anybody at all who is looking to achieve more, especially in a general state of calm productivity.

Pragmatics as a very loosely defined approach to Lifestyle Engineering, can be adapted and become very useful to a wide range of different circumstances:

  • Students
  • Professionals
  • Creatives
  • Business Owners
  • Managers
  • Organisers
  • and anyone seeking to deploy time its optimum effect.

One of the most important factors I have built into my own definition of ‘Pragmatics’ as an ethos for life and work, is that it must provide for a calm and contented lifestyle. And yet one which delivers significant ongoing goal achievement and progress under a defined set of Core Values.

All this by means of practical and easily maintained frameworks and habits of thought and activity, supported by a toolset of effective and efficient contemporary devices and softwares.

In reality, there are probably no limits to the range of people, for whom this philosophy can prove helpful. It has little to do with the person, or their station in life, or their broad objectives and core values.

What’s important is a willingness to embrace a series of interlinked ideas with an inquisitive and open mind. And it’s not something which has to be implemented as a huge shifting of priorities and lifestyle. Nuances of Pragmatics can be deployed in the smallest of baby steps, gradually working in more ideas as you go along.



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